Learn to Train

Learning the what, why, and how of training

Train to Train

Training to develop well rounded athletes

Learn to Compete

Training with competition in mind

Our Vision

To continue developing our mountain bike team, with the express purpose of empowering youth athletes aged 16+ to push themselves and ride further into the sport of MTB. Through excellent coaching and mentorship we see this team as a way for youth athletes to develop the skills they need to thrive on their bikes and to fully participate in any other sphere they choose.

“Teaching youth how to train … building fitness and skills for life”


To continue building a MTB team which empowers youth aged 16+ to push themselves and ride further into the sport of MTB. Through excellent coaching and mentorship we see this team as a way for youth to develop the skills they need to thrive on their bikes and to fully participate in any other sphere they choose.

We intend major impacts of this program to include improved confidence, self esteem, discipline, self awareness, and motivation in the youth who ride with us. We hope participants will experience the support and fun that a team atmosphere provides.


  • Fun: To enjoy the journey of becoming a faster and stronger rider, and to create great memories and friendships along the way.  

  • Integrity: Matching actions to values. 

  • Teamwork: Supporting and encouraging one another in the pursuit of your respective goals, lending a hand to change a flat, lending encouragement as someone attempts a challenge, being stronger as a whole. 

  • Respect: For our fellow team members, our coaches and parent volunteers, our equipment and environment, our training facilities, and any people we interact with during our training. Think of yourself as a member of a national team visiting a foreign country. 

  • Achievement: Big or small, achievements can happen every day. Set goals and achieve them. Grow into the person you want to be. 

  • Work Ethic: To take training sessions and practice rides seriously, and to put forth our best efforts on and off the bike.

Our Approach

Our coaching philosophy is guided by decades of experience working with athletes in the mountain bike industry. We are privileged to have a team of coaches who bring to the trails a dynamic composite of professional training, education, and world cup experiences. We are united in our passion for passing on our knowledge, experience, and stoke!

Our coaching and training protocols are informed by the Cycling CANADA LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) Platform. By continuing to use this model, we are making choices for our athletes based on the most up to date sports science data available. Our yearly training plans, strength and conditioning sessions, and training rides are planned according to the developmental stages of our athletes as prescribed by the LTAD. Our coaches continue to develop and refine their methods with ongoing training from the national coaching certification program and the PMBIA Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association.

Learn to Train
  • Focuses on Skill Development
  • Emphasis on Personal Effort
  • Introduce Training Methods
  • Speed, Power, & Endurance Developed Through Fun Riding
Train to Train
  • Skill and Physical Development
  • Building the Engine
  • Developing Advanced Skills
  • Introducing Mental Preparation
  • Key Development Period
  • Speed, Power, & Endurance Developed Through Training
Learn to Compete
  • Building the Engine
  • Introducing Strength Training
  • Sport Specific Aerobic Power
  • Refining Mental Preparation
  • Introducing lifestyle changes to increase performance
  • Provincial & National Races

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2022 Race Recaps


2022 Canadian Enduro Overall

2022 Canadian National Enduro Series – Overall


U21 Men

25th – Daniel Millam (3/5 Races)

27th – Kiel Johnson (2/5 Races)

42nd – Jack Looker (3/5 Races)

46th – Owen Robertson (2/5 Races)

U21 Women

8th – Ava Kitching (3/5 Races)

14th – Kate Brennan (3/5 Races)

2022 Island Cup Enduro Overall

2022 Island Cup Enduro Series – Overall


Jr. Expert Female

1st – Keely Bathurst (6 /7 Races)

2nd – Ava Kitching (7/ 7 Races)

4th – Lindsey Cameron (5 / 7 Races)

5th – Kate Brennan (6 / 7 Races)

Expert Men

5th – Kiel Johnson (7/ 7 Races)

10th – Patrick Nolan (7 / 7 Races)

11th – Dean Tennant (5 / 7 Races)

21th – Henry Sherry (3 / 7 Races)

Expert Women

3rd – Cassidy Latham (6 / 7 Races)

Jr. Expert Men

1st – Jack Looker (6 / 7 Races)

4th – Dennis Ronald Jones (7/ 7 Races)

9th – Daniel Millam (5 / 7 Races)

10th – Angus Henry (6 / 7 Races)

12th – Faber Mossy (5 / 7 Races)

20th – Christian Musicco (4 / 7 Races)

24th – Owen Robertson (3/7 Races)

27th – Julian Moutinho (3 / 5 Races)

29th – Noah Riedel (3 / 5 Races)

Sport Women

4th – Lexie Chapple (3/7 Races)

7th – Avery Burges (3/7 Races)

10th – Davina Wittstock (2/7 Races)

Sport Men

11th – Liam Bathurst (3/7 Races)

Island Cup – Mt. Tzouhalem

2022 Tzouhalem Island Cup Enduro Recap

April 24, 2022

Jr. Expert Female

1st – Lindsey Cameron

3rd – Keely Bathurst

4th – Ava Kitching

5th – Kate Brennan

7th – Maggie Brennan

Jr. Expert Male

3rd – Jimi Voss

7th – Owen Robertson

9th – Jack Looker

10th – Faber Mossey

13th – Daniel Millam

17th – Dennis Ronald-Jones

24th – Andus Henry

25th – Julian Moutinho

Expert Men

10th – Merin Pearce

14th – Connor Hallas

15th – Dean Tennant

20th – Keil Johnson

33rd – Patrick Nolan