A team atmosphere for kids/youth who are excelling at the sport and are showing interest in continuing to improve

Fun Challenges

providing new challenges


intermediate to advanced skills

Ages 8 - 15

RISE Development Team

Our Rise programs are designed for kids aged 8 - 15 as a halfway point between our Ride and Race programs. Perfect for developing riders who have strong fundamentals and bike handling skills. Ideally you’ve come through our Ride program, and are ready to step up and ride twice weekly. The rides will be challenging, and coaches will deliver more advanced skills instruction. The primary goals of the Rise program are fun, exploration, and growth.

The Rise program can be used as a stepping stone towards the Race program if prospective riders are interested in exploring competition and training in the future. Primarily it provides riders with an opportunity to ride twice a week, with their Saturday rides taking place at Mt Tzouhalem, and eventually the new trail network behind the Jordie Lunn Bike Park. Their weekday rides will continue to take place at the Hartland trail network. 

Teamwork, friendships, and community will also be complementary components of the Rise program. With the group riding together twice a week, enjoying longer and more challenging rides, and receiving more advanced skills coaching, there should be plenty of opportunities to create new friendships and make new riding buddies!

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