We are teachers first and foremost, we create and deliver learning experiences. Knowledge truly is power, and we share that knowledge to empower our students. This is what we are all about, that big smile, and watching people transform into more powerful and capable mountain bikers.


To continually help grow and build into the developing mountain bike community on Vancouver Island. Through excellence in in our teaching, positive role modelling both on and off the bike, and a passion for sharing the outdoors with people, we serve our community as exceptional ambassadors to the sport of mountain biking.


Work Ethic: We value hard work both on and off the bike. Whether that is working with you to over come those physical and mental obstacles on the trail or planning the best tours and lessons possible.

Fun: we believe in looking for joy and levity in life’s innumerable moments. Humor and laughter are incredibly powerful agents of joy, and should always be present while learning!

Learning: everyone has a unique capacity for learning, whether you’re a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, we strive to facilitate the learning process uniquely for each rider. And we aren’t lazy about our own learning, certifications, work shops, pedagogy, first aid, we are committed to life long learning in order to deliver the best programs we can.

Community: one of our primary goals is connecting people with the outdoors, and we bet you will make some friends during that process. Our regional MTB culture is simply awesome, there is something for everyone and we love being a part of it.

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