Baseline Vol 1

Archive Footage 03/22/22

“Setting a foundation to reference and build upon”

The archive footage from 03/22/22 sets a BASELINE for future videos. Through a series of Baseline videos, we follow Henry and Ross as they progress in their speed and style.

As coaches, Nolan Riding has the privilege of seeing riders grow and progress over the years. It’s amazing how each individual progresses with specific skills instruction and coaching.

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Henry Sherry has been a part of NR since 2014. Over the past 9 years, Henry has made his way through NR kids programs to the RACE team. You’ll even run into Henry instructing kids and adult programs as he works to fund his racing season.

Speed and power are the typical descriptors used to describe Henry’s riding. With a keen eye, you might see something unique. If you look closely, you will see a BMX influence. After years of riding BMX bikes in the skate park, Henry has developed a unique eye for what is possible on a mountain bike. His strength and creative trail vision allow him to use the smallest downslope as a landing for large transfer gaps. I mean LARGE transfer gaps.

For 2023, Henry is focusing on the World Cup DH series. He aims to compete in the North American rounds at Snowshoe, USA and Mont St. Anne Canada.

If you want to see perspective on what LARGE transfers means, take a look at Henry’s Instagram Reels @henrysherry_

Rosaire Watson: You can’t help but be amazed at the precision of Ross’s riding. Coupling speed with precision and you have a recipe for an outstanding racer.

Ross’s style can be referred to as a “racer” style. Efficient, precise, and fast but every time he’s in the air there’s a little added flair. On jumps and drops Ross’s riding personality comes out with tables and tweaks adding to his racer riding style.

Switching his focus from DH to Enduro, Ross will be racing the Canadian National Enduro Series and the Whister Enduro World Series Race.

Follow Ross on Instagram to track his progress @rosairewatson.


Video: Liam Morgan

Riding: Henry Sherry + Rosaire Watson

Producer: Merin Pearce

Presented by: Nolan Riding

Photos + Writing: Merin Pearce

Music: Men I Trust – Billi Toppy

Shot on Location: Mt. Prevost, Vancouver Island


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