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“we’re all about big smiles and watching people transform into more capable mountain bikers”

Nolan Riding specializes in high quality mountain bike skills coaching, guiding and programs. We operate year round from Sooke through Victoria and the Cowichan Valley.

Whether you are a new rider or a seasoned racer, we are here to help you reach your potential as a rider. Working with a coach is one of the fastest and safest ways to improve your riding. Our coaching model is PMBI based, and rider focused.

Whether you’re looking for private coaching for yourself or a group of friends, or you’re a parent looking for quality youth programs, we’ve got you covered. Choose your line, and let’s go riding!

PMBI Certified Instructors
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  • Seamus McGrath
  • Tammy Rutledge
  • Kendra Lynn
  • Vic c.
Seamus McGrath

“My six-year-old son just took part in Nolan Riding’s summer camp. He had an amazing week ‘best summer ever!’ He came out of the camp with a stoke about riding that I hadn’t seen before. The day after the camp ended, the first thing he wanted to do was take me riding to show me all of the new skills he learned during the week. I have to say I was amazed by his progress. Most impressive was his mastering of the bunny hop! He caught the air of every root and rock on the trail with this newfound ability to jump. Thanks to you and your team Patrick!”

Seamus McGrath

Mountain Bike Olympian

Tammy Rutledge

“When you move to a place like Vancouver Island, it seems natural that you gravitate towards activities that your new circle of friends enjoy. For me, MTB was not one of those things – it was too intimidating. But, with a little prompting, I signed up for some private lessons with Patrick, and MTB has become my new favourite sport! Patrick was able to break each skill down into easily understandable segments that ultimately ended with some ‘ah-ha moments’. I still have so much to learn and it’s a likely time for another session, but I would highly recommend Patrick and Nolan Riding. Great coach!”

Tammy Rutledge
Kendra Lynn

“Patrick and his team of coaches have taken a kid who has very low self-esteem and anxiety and has never succeeded at a sport before enjoying his private lessons and working up to rocking a summer camp. Any parent who wants an instructor who just seems to “get kids” and also makes a very challenging sport seem “easy” then you found the right team! Thanks, Nolan riding! This week has made his summer”

Kendra Lynn
Vic c.

This was the best investment I’ve made in the last 10 years. After spending sooooo much $$ on gear for this sport I love, I was convinced the only thing holding me back was putting in time on the trails and gradually increasing my skill though repetition. Your lessons forced me to totally re-learn every aspect of mountain biking, from the angle my tires touch the trail to the direction the top of my helmet is aimed at. As the weeks went by after my brief time with you, your coaching became habit and I was floating down rock drops I wouldn’t have even dreamt of a few months earlier.

Vic c.

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