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Nolan Riding Is Officially Partnering With Devinci Cycles For The 2023 Season.

"Nolan Riding and Devinci Cycles share a passion for Making Riders and we look forward to this next chapter together"

Aligning with our love for the sport and honoring our values of working hard, having fun, fostering continual learning, and supporting our community, this partnership with Devinci will contribute to the healthy growth of Nolan Riding and the sustainable development of mountain biking on Vancouver Island.

Meet the Team

Patrick Nolan
Connor Hallas
Merin Pearce
Diego Permansu
Ethan O.A.
Misha Linehan

What Does this look like?

Online, Devinci Cycles will appear in more of Nolan Riding‘s communications and media efforts. On the trails, our coaches, guides, instructors, and athletes will remain committed to serving each client and interaction with the same level of excellence and value that we have since 2014.

The team at Nolan Riding is dedicated to fostering the growth and vitality of the mountain bike community on Vancouver Island. Partnering with Canadian-based Devinci Cycles allows us to  enhance our support of local riders and bike shops and to further our contributions to the development of the sport.

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