RIDE Programs

Mountain Bike Programs and Summer camps for kids aged 6 – 16

Ride is perfect for those who want to have fun outside while learning new skills. RIDE encompasses all of our kids programs and summer camps and is an entrance into the sport of mountain biking.

With a focus on creating a positive trail experience, our coaches gradually introduce riding skills and progressions in a safe and inclusive environment. We strive to create a fun experience while building the fundamental skills needed to be safe, strong, and confident riders


Young up-and-coming riders

“A team atmosphere for kids/youth who are excelling at the sport and are showing interest in continuing to improve”

Our RISE programs are designed to be the halfway point between our RIDE and RACE programs. Perfect for developing riders who have strong FUNdamentals and bike handling skills.

The rides will be challenging, and coaches deliver more advanced skills instruction with the primary goal of fun, exploration, and growth.


Nolan Riding Development Race Team

“Teaching youth how to train … Building fitness skills for life”

The Nolan Riding RACE Team was built to empower youth aged 10 – 17 to push themselves and ride further into the sport of MTB. Through Excellent coaching and mentorship we see the team as a way for youth athletes to develop the skills they need to thrive on their bikes and learn health and fitness skills they can use for life.

RAmblers Social Club

Adult Social club and group rides

“Think of is as a regular group ride, a social club, and an extension of the nolan riding community all in one”

More details coming spring 2022


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Happy Riding!