Ages 6 – 7

Winter Programs



Weekly classes for 6 – 8 year olds to develop mountain bike skills in a fun and safe environment with professional coaches and guides

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Programs Releasing Jan 3rd, 2021

What You Will Learn

Braking and Gear Shifting

Front and rear brake control. Cadence for uphill and down hill gear selection .

Body Position

Neutral, Climbing, and Ready Position for all trails,


Look & Lean to turn

Special Skills

Front wheel lifts, Back Wheel Lifts, and Bunny Hops

Class Check List


Must be read, filled out, and signed before the first day of class. Visit to view and complete the waiver


Should fit well and be tuned up and in good working condition. If you have any concerns please visit your local bike shop to ensure your bike is fit for our programs.

Recommended Elbow/Knee Pads/Gloves:

If you don't have any gloves, elbow pads or kneepads and would like to purchase some, Trek Bikes Victoria offers 15% off your protective equipment. Just mention Nolan Riding during the purchase.

Good Active Outfit with Appropriate Shoes for Biking: 

Mountain bike shoes are recommended but any close-toed athletic shoe will work. We will be biking, walking, running, hiking so make sure they are comfortable and you are willing to get your shoes dirty. Please dress for the weather and bring additional clothing (jacket) when necessary. We will be outside for the duration of the program so please dress appropriately.

Spare Tube:

Please send your son or daughter with at least 1 spare tube that is the right size for their wheels. If you aren't sure of what size is needed, please bring your bike to your local shop when you purchase to tube to make sure it's the correct size and type.


We will be expending a lot of energy during the classes so please bring a snack.

Recommended Hydration Pack: 

Alternatively a Big Water Bottle, or Two Medium Bottles. Riders must be able to carry their own water and snacks at all times.

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Happy Riding!