Supporting Our Community

Community is one of Nolan Riding’s four core values. We want to connect people with the outdoors, make friends, and give back.

To build community, Nolan Riding sponsors and participates in advocacy groups, volunteers with trail maintenance and events, offers subsidized programs and scholarships, and collaborates closely with national and provincial sports bodies.

These efforts build trail networks and grow the sport through policy resulting in accessible mountain biking for all on Vancouver Island.

Sponsoring Advocacy Groups

Nolan Riding donates and sponsors trail advocacy groups, advertises events, and volunteers time as part of an effort to grow mountain biking on Vancouver Island. Sponsoring trail advocacy groups, societies, clubs, and associations is an opportunity for NR to show appreciation and give back to the trail networks we love to ride in.


As avid cyclists, NR and our staff are active members of the South Island cycling community. NR attends AGMs, votes on policies, participates in city hall hearings, and works with governing bodies ensuring NR operates in good standing with every organization involved.

Organizations we work and maintain upstanding relationships with:


Volunteering is the best way NR can give back to the mountain bike community. NR organizes and participates in trail maintenance days across all of the trail networks and parks on Southern Vancouver Island. It’s a great opportunity for NR to give back to the trials while showing appreciation for the thousands of hours volunteers put in to build and maintain the networks NR operates in. Click here to view the work we do.

NR also volunteers at events and races in an effort to support the growth of mountain bike races on Vancouver Island. If you are at an Island Cup race, you will see NR participating, putting on youth races, and marshalling on course. Come say ‘Hi’ if you see us!

Subsidized services

It’s a great honour to be a part of the first mountain bike experience for many mountain bikers. Nolan Riding subsidizes programs for large groups and organizations to bring mountain biking to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity.


Scholarships to our RIDE programs allow us to help reduce the cost of the sport for families in need. In addition to our contributions, the Ryder Hesjedal Tour do Victoria and the City of Langford Mayor Gold Tournament have generously contributed to our scholarship fund. These scholarships assist those with financial barriers who want to participate in mountain bike programs.

You can learn more about our scholarships by clicking the link below:

Growing The SPort

To grow mountain biking as a professional sport in Canada, Nolan Riding closely collaborates with Cycling Canada and Cycling BC to build new programs and performance pathways for young athletes. Through our efforts and collaborations, NR is building the next generation of Canadian professional mountain bike racers.

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