Langford Bike Fest

What a race!

The Nolan Riding race team had the opportunity to give back to the riding community by organizing a local grassroots race with the City of Langford. The hardworking and passionate organizers Jon Watkin, Merin Pearce, Dean Tennant, Scotty Mitchell, Patrick Nolan, and the NR parent volunteers pulled off an amazing race.

If you saw a big crowd on the trails, chances are you came across the feed station. Race team parent and realtor, Matthuw Ronal Jones, kept everyone’s energy up by sponsoring the feed station. Thank you for your snacks, constant support during the race, and the occasional kicks in the butt when we lingered around too long.

A huge thank you to our amazing community of parents who volunteered their time to help everything run smoothly. Local grassroots races and events would not be possible without the support of the NR community. Thank you again for the encouragement and stoke you all gave throughout the day!


Lastly, we feel very privileged to be part of such a strong and warm riding and racing community! Shout out to all the rad and talented youth teams that are storming the Island Cup Series this year, it’s awesome to see the crews from all over the island having fun together.


If you missed the action, take a look at the recap video on Facebook here!