Mount Washington DH – BC Cup Downhill

Ava Kitching composing herself after racing the roughest course of the season

The Stevie Smith Memorial Down Hill Race is always a fun weekend full of extra events, spectators, and good times. The aptly named Monster Mile race track is a beast that puts up a fight with anyone who tries to tame her. Notorious for breaking bikes and inflicting debilitating hand pump,  every rider remembers their first downhill race at Mount Washington. The loose rock and dusty trail conditions proved to be a new challenge this year. The conditions made it difficult to stay on the race line. The track changed every lap as riders dislodge more rocks and made deeper dust ruts.



Dual Slalom

presented by Forbidden Bikes


After Saturday’s practice, Forbidden Bikes put on an unofficial dual slalom race. Two identical tracks, side by side, one rider in each lane, racing to cross the finish line first. With no timing equipment, the bracket contest format allowed only the fastest rider in each heat to progress to the next round. Every lap counts and one small mistake is the end of your race.

Stephan Pelletier and Brett Tippie having too much fun announcing the Forbidden Bikes dual slalom at Mount Washington

Ross and Jimi (above) raced hard but were pushed out in the semi-finals. The racing was tight! Only fractions of a second separated each rider.


Pushed limits, broken derailers, setting sun, and lots of cheering and comradery. The slalom race is often the highlight of the weekend for the riders and spectators.




Race Day


Clouds in the sky foreshadowing the dust in the air during the dry race day

The Monster Mile race course is the roughest and toughest track on the BC Cup circuit. There aren’t many downhill tracks that serve up a strict diet of sharp rock and big holes. This track pushes both riders and their bikes to the limit. To add insult to injury, the track ends with a 10-20 second fire road sprint to the finish. If your legs and forearms weren’t cooked from the rough track, the finish line sprint will finish you off.

With our usual DH racers taking a break, some of our Enduro riders decided to try DH racing for the first time. Danny, Charlie, and Ava rode their enduro bikes to their first DH race. With a goal to experience their first race and learn what downhill racing is all about and gather information to use in preparation for next season.


The Stevie Smith Memorial DH Race was a great opportunity for the Nolan Riding races to experience downhill racing and learn more about their individual race process. We are very fortunate to have such a challenging track and well-organized race on the Island.


Junior Sport Men (17 – 18)

9th – Danny Millam


U17 Sport Men (15 – 16)

9th – Jack Looker

20th – Charlie Bell

DNS – Noah Riedel


U17 Women (15 – 16)

3rd – Ava Kitching


UCI Jr. Expert Men

7th – Jimi Voss


See full results HERE


It’s time to head back to the training cave. Our riders will take what they learned this weekend and start preparing and building for the next season. We will see you next year Mount Washington! Hopefully with less arm pump than this year.


The sun sets over Vancouver Island marking the end of another race weekend