Video: ‘Full Circle’ with Connor Hallas

Words: Patrick Nolan

“Full Circle” is a testament to Connor Hallas’ work ethic and grit. Digging in the dark after coaching riders all day? Check. Managing to pull off consistent podiums and top 10s at Enduros in BC? Check. All the while the guy is attending university full time and spending well over half his saddle time coaching others and giving back to his local riding community. 

Connor blasting down a steep rock face in Sooke, B.C.

Mountain biking has brought more joy to my life than I can even express, and I love being able to share that joy with others. In my 5 years of coaching for Nolan Riding, I have helped so many new riders gain skills, confidence and motivation to elevate their riding and have fun riding their bike. Seeing the next generation of new riders pushing their limits and discovering the joys of riding, just as I once did, is my favourite part of being a coach. This circle of riders mentoring riders is what keeps the mountain biking community thriving.

Connor Hallas

Connor is one of those people out there silently building the MTB scene on the Island, and so when he approached me about this edit, it was an immediate, “hell yeah let’s make this happen for you!”

Our piece “Full Circle” features a couple big hits built by Connor himself. His ender feature, a massive vertical drop, was a battle for Connor both mentally and physically. We were all stoked as hell to see Connor stomp that one!

I have always loved the freeride aspect of mountain biking. My first ever exposure to mountain biking was through watching classic freeride mountain biking movies. We had movies like “Roam: The Collective”, “Follow Me” and the “New World Disorder” series on dvd and I would watch them over and over. I had always wanted to build my own freeride features just like in the videos I used to watch growing up. For this video, I spent months scoping out and building the bigger hits. Finally stomping those features, especially the drop, after all the hard work and time put into them was truly rewarding.

Connor Hallas

As soon as I starting riding with with Nolan Riding, my perspective on mountain biking completely changed. I remember following my coach, Patrick, down the trail and just wishing that I could one day ride like that. This motivated me and pushed my limits like never before. I began to try racing downhill and enduro which continued to grow my love for the sport. Now I enjoy getting out to Canadian Enduro League races as often as possible and continuing to push myself and have fun riding my bike. Still to this day, even when I ride almost everyday for work, I get excited each time I get to roll my bike out of the garage.

Connor Hallas

We hope you enjoyed it, and keep an eye out for young Connor Hallas!

Video: Liam Morgan

Riding: Connor Hallas 

Assistant Camera/Stills Photography: Merin Pearce

Presented By: Nolan Riding 

Supported by: Devinci Bikes

Music: Deerhunter – Desire Lines

Shot on the Unceded Territories of the T’Sou-ke and Scia’new First Nations (Sooke B.C., Canada)

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