Sooke Enduro – Island Cup Enduro Series

The 2023 Sooke Enduro was an event the Nolan Riding Race Team had been looking forward to for months. They had been training hard for the rugged terrain of the Harbourview trail network, and it was finally time to put their skills to the test.

The Course

The course was tough, with five stages that challenged riders in different ways. Airflow Trail had steep and rocky terrain, while GT1-2 was fast and flowy with jumps. The K2 trail on stage 4 was especially gnarly, with steep drops and technical descents. To make things even more interesting, it rained, making the rocks slippery and treacherous.

Despite the tough conditions, the riders persevered, adapting to the terrain and pushing themselves to ride faster with each stage.

Course Preview

The Race


Expert Male

2nd – Henry Sherry

3rd – Connor Hallas

10th – Dean Tennant

13th – Misha Linehan

14th – Kiel Johnson

26th – Jimi Voss

30th – Patrick Nolan

Expert Female

8th – Ava Kitching

Jr. Expert Men (U19)

2nd – Ethan Gerrett

9th – Charlie Yerrell

12th – Angus Henry

15th – Zach Voorburger

18th – Dennis Ronald Jones

Jr. Expert Female (U19)

1st – Keely Bathurst

3rd – Davina Wittstock

Sport U19 Male

7th – Walker Bobbit

15th – Yohan Goranson

16th – Ciaran Goranson

24th – Silas Green

Youth U12

1st – Jaewon Goranson

2nd – Kohen Beintema

4th – Rowland Nankivell

5th – Cole McGregor

6th – Archer Lambert

7th – Benjamin Theman

8th – Wyatt Beintema

14th – Simon Krc

The Nolan Riding Race Team had some great successes, with Henry Sherry and Connor Hallas achieving their first Expert Men podium. They were riding Devinci Spartans, which seemed to be the bike of choice, with the three fastest riders of the day all on that model.

Keely Bathurst and Davaina Wittstock stood on-top of the podium in 1st and 3rd place respectively.

Ethan Gerrette, one of the newest members of the team, raced his way to a 2nd place podium finish in the Jr. Expert category, which was awesome to see.T

The RISE team also competed in the Sport and Youth categories. It was amazing to see so many young riders stoked to challenge themselves against the clock and take over the youth podium.

Up next is the Hammerfest Enduro on May 5th.

We’ll see you there!


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