Club: Summer of Shred

Start Date: July 5th | Every Wednesday and Saturday | End Date: September 30th

We are stoked to present the Nolan Riding/Trek Pro City youth summer riding club. A collaboration between Nolan Riding and our community partner the Trek Bike Store Victoria.

Local businesses and community members have generously donated to the Pro City Club which has in turn sponsored this youth club. So thank you to everyone involved, we are stoked to get as many kids out on bikes this summer as possible! Please read on for some important club details.

Mission: To open up the sport of mountain biking to new and experienced youth cyclists alike; by offering accessible summer riding experiences. All the while delivering exceptional instructional coaching in a safe and socially engaging environment.


Fun – spending time outside and learning on your bike is a blast, we are focused on delivering a rider centred experience.

Learning – our coaches are professionally trained and passionate about passing on their skills and knowledge to the next generation of riders!

Friendships – ask any mountain biker, and they will tell you they have met some of their closest friends out on the trails! Riding brings people together and creates great community. We are stoked to facilitate that process!

Physical Activity – mountain biking is a dynamic sport that offers opportunities to increase physical literacy, build cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles and bones, and promote overall health. We enjoy the work out!

Challenge by Choice – never will a rider be put into a situation or scenario where they feel pressured to ride something above their comfort or ability level. We strive to keep the kids under our care as safe as possible, and let them choose what they are comfortable riding.

If this looks like something you or your daughter or son would be interested in, please feel free to register below or to contact for more information. 

Club Registration

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