• Who: Youth ages 9 – 14 years – Riders split into groups based on age and ability level.
  • What: Our Cycling BC affiliated youth developmental riding club. Coaching and feedback each ride, fun guided adventures, an opportunity to greatly improve your riding and make friends along the way!
  • When: Sundays 10am-12:30pm: Sept 13th – Nov 15th: 8 Rides | Wednesdays 4-6pm: Sept 2 – Oct 21: 8 Rides
  • Where: Rides take place at Hartland Bike Park
  • Why: Nolan Riding has been leading the way in youth cycling programs on Vancouver Island since 2014. We have a passion for teaching, sharing our love of riding, and the great outdoors. With industry-leading certifications and years of experience, we are here to coach your young riders towards their potential.
  • Cost: Club membership fees are due upon registration for each each riding cycle: Sundays September-November- $270.00 |  Wednesdays Sept-Oct- $192.00 | Riders are welcome to sign up for any or all of the cycles. The only other cost is a Cycling BC membership (Provincial Ride License $60), which can be purchased here: Cycling BC