Join us this spring for an unreal mountain bike experience. This camp will get you on point for the upcoming summer riding season by refreshing your existing skills and teaching you new ones. Cost is $175. Ages 10-14.

Let’s talk about the fun that comes standard with this camp experience:

  • making new riding buddies
  • learning to ride faster and with greater confidence and flow
  • riding new trails and learning about things like gravity and Newton’s 3rd law, and of course your local flora and fauna
  • hitting that jump or drop that has been taunting you until now
  • being as loud and rowdy as you need to be in a beautiful MTB friendly park
  • Spending a whole week shredding and building up your endurance and strength
  • Awesome professionally trained instructors with years of experience, and overdeveloped senses of humor

We’ll be taking advantage of the warmer weather and tackier trail conditions and hope you can join us, spaces are limited! To register call Kerry Park at 250-743-5922 and use course code 6119

Camp runs 9-12 Monday-Friday.

Beginner to intermediate abilities welcome. If you want to know more about this camp, email and we’ll give you all the details.