Intermediate Skill Levels

Description of Intermediate Riders:

  • 2 years minimum riding experience (unless your a multi-sport ace in which case send an email to confirm)
  • I can ride blue square trails smoothly and with flow at networks like Hartland, Tzouhalem, Maple Mtn, Harbour View, Cumberland, I am already testing myself on black diamond trails or I would like to eventually.
  • I have good to moderate fitness and strength on the bike.
  • I enjoy cornering but know I could improve.
  • I can deal with small jumps, drops, and rolls, or have a keen desire to learn to.
  • I have good to moderate body position, balance and technique on the bike but am looking to improve still.
  • I might be able to manual, J-hop, bunny hop, wheelie, and otherwise get rowdy, or I would like to learn how and get better at any of those skills.
  • I know some strategies for climbing and descending technical lines, but would like to fill in the gaps, super steeps make me nervous.