Developmental Racing Program

In 2017 we started a grass roots racing team for the youth who had been excelling on their bikes in our instructional and recreational programs. These youth hadn’t really experienced MTB racing before, but were all keen to try it out. They trained on and off the bike, and put in more miles than they ever had before. Testing their skills and fitness on the Island Cup Enduro race series, these young people experienced their favorite sport in a whole new way. Here’s what a few of them had to say about their 2017 race season:

“The NR Race Team helped me gain fitness, technical skills, and motivation through three training sessions each week. I enjoyed the fun and support of a team atmosphere. Racing with my friends in the Island Cup Enduro Series was a positive, exciting, and personally empowering experience. I gained confidence, a strong work ethic, and learned to set big and small goals to improve my riding. Our jerseys were rad, our coaches were full of stoke, and our riding adventures were awesome! I can’t wait for this next season to begin!” – Henry S

“Last year was an amazing experience. It was my second year of racing so i was still getting to know how it worked. Each race brought something new to the table and something else to conquer. There were no easy races but together we made it through all of the races. We left no one behind and always helped someone if they needed it. Of course there were ups and downs but it is all fun when you are with so many awesome people. One of the things i liked most about racing is all the new trails and places you get to discover. There are so many amazing trails that i never would have known about if it weren’t for the all the sick courses. The best part is that there is always a challenge, always a goal to try and attain, to push yourself forward to try and beat your own times and times of others. Another nice thing is that all the races have a supe chill atmosphere even thogh it is still a race everyone is there to help out and cheer on the others.”    – Connor H

“My experience with Nolan Riding has been geat. The Nolan Riding coaches are very supportive and are always there to help.It has been such an honor to ride with them this year with a lot of fun and laughs. I have learned so much It has been such a good experience to do all the island cup races with the race team. It was such a good year
and stoked for next! “ – Xylus M