Everything you Need to Know for Your First Day at Summer Camp









Welcome to a week-long biking adventure! During your time with us out at the park, you will learn the 6 fundamental skills of riding in a fun and engaging learning environment, challenge yourself with new terrain and improve your bike handling.

We’re looking forward to teaching you how to flow and ride with greater confidence and control! There will also be a ton of laughs and fun moments with new riding buddies and your instructors. Get ready for a big week of riding your bike!

We can’t wait to welcome you to camp on Monday! Mountain biking is a totally unique sport in the way it frees you to explore, learn, laugh, and overcome challenges! This week our goal is to stretch your comfort zone by about 10% a day, just enough to challenge you but not so much that you won’t have an amazing time! Our coaching priorities are Safety → Fun → Learning.

Reminder: Please take some time to ensure your daughter or son is prepared for their week of camp. This is a very physically active camp, proper hydration and nutrition throughout the week will be important for keeping up good energy levels during the day. They should be dressed in activewear clothes if they don’t already have cycling-specific clothing. Shoes are an important consideration, ideally, they have MTB-specific shoes, alternatively, skate shoes can work too. Runners are passable but will slip on pedals more than flat-soled MTB or skate shoes. Please take a look at the checklist below to ensure you are prepared for camp Monday morning.

Camp Checklist:

Waiver: Must be read, filled, and signed before camp starts. Visit http://www.nolanriding.com to view and complete the waiver.

Bike: Should be at least a 26” wheel size MTB | Tuned up and in good working condition

Helmet: Please ensure the helmet fits properly and isn’t old or damaged | Full face helmets are acceptable | Visit our friends at Trek Bikes Victoria (Catherine Street) if you need to purchase a new helmet or knee pads + elbow pads, mention NR and receive 15% off.

Recommended Elbow/Knee Pads/Gloves: Get 15% off your protective equipment at Trek Bikes Victoria, just mention Nolan Riding.

Shoes: Good active outfit with appropriate shoes for biking. MTB shoes are recommended.

Spare Tube: Please send your son or daughter with at least 1 spare tube that is the right size for their wheels.

Hearty Lunch and 3 Snacks: Lunches can be stored at our staging area in the parking lot. Best to send lunches in a soft cooler bag.

Small Backpack or Bag: It’s easier to carry all the food, water, and gear needed for the day in a comfortable bag. A regular backpack is fine but a riding-specific backpack will be more comfortable.

Water: Recommended hydration pack, alternatively a big water bottle, or two medium bottles. We will have the ability to come back to the parking lot to refill water bottles/packs. Riders must be able to carry their own water and snacks at all times.



Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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