Welcome to the landing page for our adult mountain bike clinics. We’ve had an awesome 2020 season with our adult clinics so far! We’ve got one more clinic running this year. Here’s what you can expect from our coaches:

  • Expert and experienced skills coaching.
  • Video analysis and structured feedback.
  • Knowledgeable guiding, and mechanical support.
  • Progression and improvement in your riding.
  • A fun, safe, and social learning atmosphere.

Victoria Dates: Hartland

Wet Weather Riding | Beginner to Novice Riders | Women’s specific

When: Thursdays from 4-6pm | October 15-22-29

Description: Riding on the South Island is a 4 season activity, but the winter months can be challenging and demanding for even experienced riders. If you’re looking to learn some techniques and tips for making the most out of this winter, then we invite you to join us over three sessions for an in depth exploration of the: ‘what/how/why/when’ of winter riding. 

What we’ll cover:

  • Body Position & Balance
  • Line Choice & Terrain Awareness
  • Cornering & Directing your Bike
  • Braking Technique
  • Winterizing your Bike & Gear

Cost: $115.00 | Click here to Register