2019 Team

Currently accepting 2019 Team Rider (ages 12-17) applications for:

  • Winter Training Program: January – March:  80% Full
  • Regular Season Program: April – October:     60% Full

Welcome to year 3 of the Nolan Riding – Trek Pro City team. We are continuing to build off the success that our athletes and coaches experienced during the 17/18 seasons. With that momentum fueling our passion for training and racing, we have designed an extraordinary youth developmental program for 2019. This year our team has two pathways: Performance, and Development. This gives flexibility and choice to our team rider’s and their families, as we know riding and training are large commitments, and that many riders are multi-sporting or academically focused at this age.

To learn all about the teams’: yearly training plan; mission; values; structure; LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development); schedule; costs etc. Please email the head coach patrick@nolanriding.com and he will share team information package with you.

If you have already read through the team info package and are ready to apply simply follow this link: Team Application Form 

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